Doomernik Yachts

Doomernik Yachts honored us with the question to create a new high-end visual identity for the boatyard. Doomernik Yachts realizes the finest racing boats from scratch. These handmade, and frequently awarded, sailboats are created by one of the best craftsman, called Joop Doomernik. The sailboats Doomernik Yachts build are all classic designs, but detailed with the most modern twists to get the best results at competitions and championships. With his eye for detail he creates the best hull for a Dragon or the Wally Nano, a custom made layout, the most beautiful wooden deck on the market. Doomernik Yachts builds in small numbers, but in the highest quality. We created the visual identity, which is also classic with a modern twist. We designed it with the same care as Joop does with his boats, resulting in a logo, business card, letterhead, envelope, website and a folder.

Typography, illustrator, indesign
Verzorging van:
  • Visuele identiteit
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Folder
  • Wedstrijdkleding
Doomernik Yachts visuele identiteit logo op foto
Doomernik Yachts visuele identiteit Logo
Doomernik Yachts visuele identiteit quote Times change, Traditions do not
Doomernik Yachts huisstijl
Doomernik Yachts webdesign home
Doomernik Yachts webdesign Dragon Grand Prix Elegance
Doomernik Yachts webdesign for sale page
Doomernik Yachts webdesign werkwijze
Doomernik Yachts webdesign contact
Doomernik Yachts visuele identiteit folder
Doomernik Yachts visuele identiteit folder detail



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