Kloc Uhrwerk Swiss Made

‚ÄčEndurance racing, regatta sailing and watches have been closely connected worlds for decades. These worlds have been a great inspiration to us. An homage to endurance: a Dutch designed, Swiss made, affordable yet luxurious timepiece!

The number typography of race cars is designed in such way that the numbers can still be read while cars pass by at high speeds. Inspired by race car numbering. The combination of its thickness and size ensures the logo remains readable when applied on a moving car. It gives the logo its sporty charisma.

The 4 o’clock [the start of the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1970], is angled at 120°, which is at 30° from the 3 o’clock. These 30° are used in the letter design. To make the letters aerodynamic, just like race cars and yachts are. And again, for preserving the sporty charisma.

The Icon is the letter “K” of Kloc Uhrwerk. It will be applied on labels and details and it supports the overall brand presence of Kloc Uhrwerk.

Pencil Illustrator Photoshop
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Kloc Uhrwerk horloge merk branding identiteit logo
Kloc Uhrwerk horloge merk branding identiteit logo ontwerp typografie Le Mans
Kloc Uhrwerk horloge merk 30 graden klok
Kloc Uhrwerk horloge merk typografie 30 graden hoek
Kloc Uhrwerk horloge merk branding identiteit logo ontwerp beeldmerk
Kloc Uhrwerk horloge merk branding identiteit logo op foto



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